The EcoTop material is completely free of Formaldehyde, Asbestos, Benzene and other harmful substances. The material is manufactured from natural products and uses very little energy in the production process. EcoTop material is completely inert and can be ground down for re-use as substrate filler or disposed of without causing any environmental impact.

Fire Resistant

EcoTop has been formally tested and has achieved a certification as Euro Class A1 non-combustible material for use as a building product. The material can tolerate temperatures over 13000C.

Water Resistant

The material will not disintegrate, deform, rot or decay as it is completely waterproof and can be immersed in water without affecting the EcoTop material. It is also has UV durability, tested up to 2000 hours.

Biological and Chemical Resistant

EcoTop is resistant to mould growth, most chemicals and a attack by rodents and insects.


At only the fraction of the weight of natural stone, EcoTop material can produce products which look and feel like real stone.

Heat & Sound Insulation

With a density of 1100 kg/m3, EcoTop panels possess excellent thermal and acoustic properties. These properties can be significantly enhanced by using a paper honeycomb or other insulation ‘sandwich’ panel.

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