Eco-friendly innovation

EcoTop is a fully developed sustainable material with a wide variety of uses such as decorative wall panels, prefabricated partitions, fireplaces and furniture/decorative products for interior or exterior use. EcoTop is manufactured from naturally occurring mineral compounds mixed with Brine and fiberglass is added for strength where necessary. This is processed and then cold pressed on sheets of glass in a machine or in latex moulds depending on the application. This process is conducted at room temperature, using minimal energy and is therefore environmentally friendly.

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Ticks all the boxes

EcoTop material has passed as Euro Class A1 for fire resistance as a building material; which classifies the product as non-combustible. EcoTop will never rot or decay as the material is completely waterproof and can be immersed in water without affecting the structure of the board. It contains no formaldehyde, asbestos, benzene, solvents or any other harmful ingredient. As it has a high density of approximately 1100 kg/m3 it also has excellent thermal and acoustic properties. 

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