What is EcoTop?

EcoTop is manufactured from naturally occurring mineral compounds, mixed with Brine and fiberglass is added for strength where necessary. This is processed and then cold pressed on sheets of glass in a machine, or in latex moulds depending on the application. This process is conducted at room temperature, using minimal energy and is therefore environmentally friendly. It contains no formaldehyde, asbestos, benzene, solvents or any other harmful ingredient. As it has a high density of approximately 1100 kg/m3, it also has excellent thermal and acoustic properties. 

Who is EcoTop?

Our Ecotop offices are based in Kent, with warehouse facilities in Norfolk. EcoTop is manufactured in our exclusive modern production facilities that are capable of high volumes. We employ our own quality control and production management personnel operating from dedicated office facilities at our factory. We use production schedules, order progression reports and shipping schedules forwarded weekly from our colleagues in China.

Our UK engineers make monthly Far East visits to ensure continuity of quality, value engineering, product development, prototyping and delivery deadlines are in line with clients expectations. Our sister company International Display Fixtures Ltd based in Norfolk and Kent, is a leading supplier of display solutions that is professionally managed through exclusive manufacturing facilities in China. 

Who uses it?

We have a number of clients in the retail industry such as Superdry, NEXT plc. JD Sports, and Tapi that use EcoTop to enhance their environment and widen design possibilities making their customers experience all the more enjoyable. EcoTop is appropriate for many more areas such as hotels, museums/galleries, airports, restaurants, bars, work space, theatres, music venues, wedding venues and commercial property.

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