Wall Panels

We already have a range of possible finishes (please see below), but EcoTop is a bespoke product and so can adapt to the desired finish/texture/colour/dimensions. Please get in contact to find out more.

Due to the ability to create a large panel format, it makes it more cost effective and much quicker to install. It is also very easy to cut, drill and screw (with no residual dust particles to cause health issues).

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External Wall Cladding

EcoTop will never rot or decay and is water resistant, so it makes a perfect solution for external wall cladding. We can also match most finishes, allowing us to adhere to your design needs.

We also do individual planks in our “wood” range, making it easier to adapt to different building designs. You can get the same look without compromising the environment, with the added benefit of it being fire, water and mould resistant.


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